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If you’ll only take one piece of advice from me, this is it.

If you can only adopt one agile behaviour, adopt the retrospective. Any team or individual can do it. Gather data, generate insights, decide what to do. Be realistic. You can’t change the World in one go. But pick a couple of things you really can change immediately, and make the change right now. Then, in a couple of weeks, repeat the exercise. Keep repeating it, again and again, forever.

Don’t expect miracles or dramatic change. But if you follow thisĀ advice, over time you will become more effective than you ever imagined possible. The only way that this will fail is if you stop.

I honestly believe that’s the best advice I can can give to any person, team or company, based on what I’ve learned since I left school at the age of 16. I’ve worked for a living ever since, and I wish I’d learned this very simple lesson much earlier.

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